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This irregular porphyry ranging from red to lilac is directly selected in the quarry, with natural
fracturing and variable thickness of 1cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm and up to 15cm.

» Architectonic application.
Coating of walls and buildings. Sidewalks, courtyards and gardens. It is a product of high
esthetic value which may be adapted to internal and external areas, associated with
open spaces and aquatic environments.

Floor Tiles
These Porphyries, whether red or lilac-coloured, with natural fracturing,
serrated edges and sharp corners, are offered in different thicknesses.
Additionally, they may be rectangular, square or with variable length, improving the
use of the rock

» Architectonic application.
Refined coating of walls and buildings. Significant resistance and versatility, generating
quality environments and a very good esthetic aspect. This product is widely used in urban
and rural constructions.

Porphyries Tuff Blocks Steps and Baseboards Grinder Cut
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